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If You have come this far,

we assume demand for our help is vital.

Usually You won't find us.

We find You First.

You know our consults

if You see them. 

They won't tell, if You ask for background nor tactics.

Won't reveal their skills.

Are at their best beyond the limit.

We use modern tools.

Which are quite sophisticated.

Our equipment and consulting services are expandable. 

Operator: The Remote Patrol 

                   Kaukopartio Ltd

Business No: 3261012-9

Location: Finland

CEO: Joni Virta

Kyynel: +358 45 340 3311


You name it. We've done it.

F35 Fighter Jet.jpg
F35 Fighter Jet.jpg
F35 Fighter Jet.jpg
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We are currently on the operation.

You'll receive a brief as soon we get

back to the HQ.

All rights reserved. Suomen Kaukopartio Oy 2022.

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